'Chicago Fire' Season 2 Spoilers: Firehouse 51 Deals With Jones' Suicide (VIDEO)

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Tonight's episode of "Chicago Fire" is set to be one of the most emotional as Firehouse 51 struggles to deal with the death of Candidate Rebecca Jones. Last week, it was revealed in the final moments that Jones' body had been found, leaving more questions than answers.

Jones struggled against her father, who is the chief of the fire department and never wanted her to be a firefighter. Last week she revealed that her dad had issues with her becoming a firefighter because she was the only survivor of a car accident that killed her mother. Tonight it will be revealed that although Jones was the lone survivor, she never received affection or attention from her father, even though she tried nearly everything to get his attention.

"A lot of times, there is no logic to why this tragedy happened, and people struggle to find the logic to make themselves feel better to get some kind of order to what happened," executive producer Matt Olmstead told TVGuide. "Sometimes it's not forthcoming, so there's bread crumbs we put down there, but also we were willing to embrace the fact that sometimes it's just a tragic event that you may never wrap your head around."

"Chicago Fire" is no stranger to killing off characters. One firefighter died in the first five minutes of the series, setting a precedent that no one is safe, which mimics the real life of firefighters. Last season also featured the death of Lt. Casey's girlfriend, Hallie.

According to Olmstead. Dawson will become more committed to becoming a firefighter, if partly in honor of Jones' memory. However, that will cause problems between her and Casey, who doesn't want her to end up like Jones or be put in the line of danger. Mills feels somewhat guilty that the firefighters did not embrace Jones earlier and instead put her through a bit of hazing, although it was nothing unusual for firefighters.

"Chicago Fire" airs Tuesday nights on NBC.

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