Chris Brown 'Love Is the Biggest Hurdle in My Life'

Rihanna Shares Intimate Photographs of Ex-Boyfriend

Chris Brown is opening up about his love life after seemingly reconciling with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna who is making it known that she and the R&B singer may be more than just friends.

While Brown, 23, quit Twitter earlier this week after a public feud with comedic writer Jenny Johnson, he is featured on XXL magazine's December/January issue where he speaks about the misconception that people have about his love life.

"One thing people often want me to talk about is my public love life. When it comes to my love life, the perception seems as though I am a player. But that's not true ... love is something I am still learning," Brown told the publication. "It's just an obstacle that I haven't yet mastered. I think that's my biggest hurdle in life."

Brown's ex-girlfriend, 24-year-old singer Rihanna, hinted at a reconciliation between the pair when she tweeted a photograph of herself sitting on his lap and hugging him.

"I don't want to leave," the caption to her photograph said. "Killed it tonight baby!"

Before his public Twitter feud with Johnson, Brown spoke about growing up and learning to use his own social media account in a productive way.

"I haven't been as mature and thought out in the past, so, me growing now, it's showing my progression. I used to use my Twitter account to vent, but now I mostly use it for marketing and promotions," Brown told XXL. "Even if the media asks me something, if it's cool then it's, 'What's up?' But if it's anything that's too negative, I don't care to respond."

The singer spoke about his temper improving over the years.

"In the beginning, I used to be hot. I'm normal," he told XXL magazine. "I'm human, so if anybody says something that's a lie, I'm numb to it. I've smartened up."

Despite the criticism that he has received since physically assaulting Rihanna in 2009, Brown said he is focusing on his music, painting and charity work.

"I try to promote positivity and love," Brown said.