Chris Brown Retiring After 'Fortune' Album?

Chris Brown, 23-year-old Grammy Award-winning R&B singer, scared fans when he announced Sunday night during an awards ceremony that his latest "Fortune" album may be his last.

After winning the honor for "Best Male R&B Artist" at the BET Awards ceremony, Brown made an announcement that led many to believe that he would be retiring soon.

While accepting the BET award, Brown referred to his upcoming "Fortune" album as his "last" while thanking his fans.

"I'd like to thank Team Breezy, everybody who worked on any one of my albums. My last album that's coming out in two days," Brown said. "I just want to thank all my fans."

Brown's fans reacted to the announcement on Twitter.

"Is it really true," one fan questioned Brown. "Chris Brown are you going to retire after your album Future?"

However, others seemed to take the news a bit harder.

"Chris Brown better not retire from music or I'm (going to) cry," another fan wrote.

Another fan spoke about Brown's retirement propelling her into a depression.

"I will be so depressed if Chris Brown retires," the fan tweeted.

However, one person who joined the conversation on Twitter seemed to welcome the possibility of Brown ending his music career.

"You will not be missed if you do retire Chris Brown, so go ahead," the person tweeted.

However, USA Today reports that Brown was not retiring and misspoke at the awards, according to his representatives. Despite the true meaning of Brown's announcement, the singer made sure not to mince his words when it came to thanking his fans for the award.

"It's dedicated to y'all," Brown said about his BET honor. "This one's for y'all; man, I appreciate everything."

Chris Brown will officially release his "Fortune" album on July 2.