Christian 'Activist Mommy' Censored By Facebook Goes Viral Again As She Slams 'Gender Insanity' in America

She's back — the Christian mother who has been censored by Facebook before for posting what the Bible says about homosexuality.

'Activist Mommy' Elizabeth Johnston
'Activist Mommy' Elizabeth Johnston says she's not 'going to celebrate' the 'mental disorders' of people who identify themselves with things other than their true biological selves. |

Elizabeth Johnston, known as "The Activist Mommy," is in the limelight once again, this time speaking her mind about the "gender insanity" going on in America.

In a new Facebook video blog that has gone viral—with over 2.2 million views, tens of thousands of shares and thousands of comments—Johnston laments that "our culture is drowning in an identity crisis."

Johnson cites reports of grown men identifying as six-year-old girls, men who identify as aliens and even dragons, women who identify as cats, as well as mothers and sons transitioning to the opposite sex together; guys going to girls' locker rooms and bathrooms; drag queens reading stories to children at libraries; and men dressing up in high heels with a wig, bra, and "copious amounts of makeup," she says.

She also notes that the current gender trend is getting out of hand with the ever-growing list of shocking new gender categories. She notes that the LGBT acronym has grown to become LGBTQQIAAPP, which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, allies, pansexual ("which means anything and everything"), and polysexual ("which includes polygamy and orgies").

If you criticize these people, "you are called a racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and privileged bigot," Johnson says.

What is even more outrageous, according to her, is that "Hollywood and the media are trying to pressure us to celebrate this."

She then blurts out: "No, I'm not going to celebrate your mental disorders. I'm not going to celebrate your sin. I'm not going to celebrate your departure from reality."

Johnson says America is witnessing the "most embarrassing moment" in its history, adding that "gender insanity is ruining our nation and our credibility as a people."

According to CBN News, Johnston is not only a popular vlogger and speaker for controversial topics, but also a dedicated Christian.

In her website, called "The Activist Mommy," her biography says Jesus Christ "saved her from her sin during her teenage years," which served as the impetus for the many projects she has launched, including an orphanage ministry, outreach to kids in troubled inner-city areas, backyard Bible clubs, street ministry, and pro-life rescue ministry.

In February, Johnston told The Christian Post that Facebook suspended her account because she wrote about how Leviticus condemns homosexuality as "detestable" and an "abomination."

After her account was unfrozen a few days later, Johnston said she re-posted her thoughts on the Bible's condemnation of homosexuality, prompting Facebook to delete her post again and freeze her account.

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