Christina Aguilera Apologizes to Lucca, May Still Lose Job (VIDEO)

Christina Aguilera has apologized to The Voice contestant Tony Lucca for being a little more catty than judge-like. That however may not be enough to save the diva, who is reportedly disliked by many crew members working at the show.

Christina Aguilera and Tony Lucca are both former "Mickey Mouse Club" stars, but long lost history didn't seem to go far between the two, who kept up a steady back and forth battle during season two of The Voice.

After Lucca's Monday night performance of "99 Problems" Aguilera charged that the singer's song pick was "derogatory towards women" adding "if that's what you have to do." Later when her own contestant Chris Mann performed, she remarked "Now that's how a real man sings."

Following the season finale on Tuesday however, the diva offered Lucca a personal apology. "She just wanted to clear the air a bit," Lucca, who called Aguilera "pathetic" backstage on Monday, told Us Weekly. "I said to her, 'I hope that we can be cool moving forward. I take pride in the fact that my whole career has been a career of integrity, and sound relationships."

Lucca also admitted that he felt that the feud might have dampened his chances to win, although he did not blame Aguilera.

"Her criticism for the most part has inspired me and led me to a higher plane than I might not have found otherwise," he told to Us. "However it appears that no one is really as big a fan of Aguilera as she seems to think. During Tuesday night's tribute to the judges, the other judges revealed that Aguilera was a complete "diva." Other sources and staff members appear to agree."

"When things get heated - on and off set - the people in makeup have been told to go to Christina and work on her so she doesn't start complaining or yelling," a source told Hollywood Reporter. "If she starts carrying on and making a scene [with the other coaches], the people in makeup act like a pit crew and rush to her to keep her quiet."

The source also revealed that it would be a "surprise" if Aguilera was still offered a position as judge on "The Voice" next season.