Coca-Cola's Secret Formula On Public Display

For the first time in 86 years Coca-Cola has moved its 125-year-old secret formula to the centerpiece of The World of Coca-Cola exhibit in downtown Atlanta, Ga.

Aspiring drink counterfeiters however will still have to keep their aspirations at bay.

While the formula will be the showpiece of the new permanent exhibit, its details will remain hidden from view.

Coca-Cola has kept its ingredients a secret from the public since the formula was originally created in 1886.

In 1925, Coca-Cola stored the ingredients of its precious secret at a vault of Sun Trust Banks, where it has been kept ever since.

CEO Muhtar Kent told employees and government officials present at the momentous unveiling that “The time has come for our secret formula to come back home," according to Bloomberg News.

The grand occasion is said to also be in honor of Coca-Cola’s grand anniversary.

“This is a special day in Coca-Cola history, and the perfect culmination to our 125th anniversary celebrations this year,” said the CEO.

The secret formula centerpiece of the exhibit is officially entitled “The Vault of the Secret Formula,” which opened to the public Thursday.

Considering Coca-Cola’s long and very successful history in advertising, this may be yet another triumphant attempt to bring even more attention to its name.

Coca-Cola controls more than half of the global drink market in carbonated beverages. Coca-Cola also owns four of the five best-selling drinks in the world.

The beverage conglomerate also owns more than 500 other drinks, but the best selling of which is also the one whose secret formula hasn’t seen any light for well over a century.

“By sharing this secret formula experience with our consumers, we celebrate both the rich history of the brand’s beginnings and the moments of refreshment and happiness to come for future generations,” Kent said at the exhibits unveiling.

Although it wouldn’t have been a proper speech without making the buyer feel good by bringing it back home to the consumer.

“This is yet another way we are recognizing and thanking everyone around the world who has made the Coca-Cola brand what it is today,” Kent said.