Colorado Shooting Victim and Miscarriage Agony: Mother Loses 6-Year-Old and Unborn Baby

Ashley Moser, a victim in the Colorado shootings who lost her six-year old daughter, has now suffered a miscarriage due to injuries.

Veronica Moser was only six years old and the youngest of 12 victims who were killed by James Holmes during the "Dark Knight" massacre. Her mother Ashley, who was also pregnant at the time, was left in critical condition and for days had asked about her daughter without being told that she had been killed. Moser was devastated to learn that her daughter had been lost.

"Ashley is suffering a deep tragedy in the loss of her daughter and needs significant time to heal," Moser's family said in an statement after she got news of her six-year-old.

On Saturday Moser's family released a second statement that confirmed that she had suffered a miscarriage and lost a second child, due to injuries she suffered during the shooting.

"Tragically, the extreme trauma she sustained also caused a miscarriage," a statement released Saturday said. "Her lifetime of care will be a long road."

Holmes will appear in court on Monday to hear what he will be formally charged with. Reports have stated that the miscarriage will likely not count as a 13th count of murder.

 Prison employees at Arapahoe Detention Center stated that Holmes appeared to believe that he was in a movie directly after his arrest, according to Mail Online which confirmed that Holmes has been placed in solitary confinement for his own safety.

"He was spitting at the door and spitting at the guards," said one inmate who left the jail, according to Mail Online. "He's spitting at everything. Dude was acting crazy."

Members of the staff have also revealed that Holmes appears to be apathetic and dillusional.

"Let's just say he hasn't shown any remorse," one staff member at the prison reported. "He thinks he's acting in a movie."