Coptic Father and Son Kidnapped by Armed Gunmen in Rafah

Local reports indicate that an unidentified gunmen kidnapped a Coptic man and his son in the North Sinai border city of Rafah, late Thursday night, as they were returning to their home.

A security source said, "Unidentified gunmen with a SUV kidnapped the Coptic citizen and his son at gunpoint in Rafah," according to Egyptian newspaper Al-Shorouk.

The source added that it is currently unknown where the group has taken the two abductees, but the kidnappers demanded half a million Egyptian pounds in ransom for their release.

Coptic families in Rafah were evicted by force by extremists last September, as Egyptian security forces were unable to provide for their security from attacks that targeted their houses and shops. Coptic families began to return to their homes after the security officials pledged to protect them earlier this year.