CP World Report: Syria, Paul Ryan, Max Lucado, Sex Trafficking

The Saudi-based Organization of Islamic Cooperation is giving Syrian President Bashar al-Assad another diplomatic blow: a suspension of Syria from the group - a step opposed by Syria's Shi'ite Muslim ally Iran. The move comes from the 57 member body meeting in Mecca. The Sunni monarchy of Saudi Arabia is among the most prominent countries backing the Syrian opposition, while Iranians are strongly backing the Assad regime. Meanwhile, A bomb attached to a fuel truck exploded today outside a Damascus hotel where UN observers are staying in the Syrian capital, wounding at least three people. None of the UN staff was hurt.

VP hopeful Paul Ryan sparked a debate last April over Catholic social teaching and the priorities in the U.S. federal budget. That debate may now be resuscitated now that Ryan has been chosen as Mitt Romney's running mate. Ryan in answering a question said his Catholic faith is central to his thinking regarding the budget. He said preference should be given to how a public policy impacts the poor before considering everyone else.

Meanwhile, best-selling author Max Lucado is concerned about the direction of America. He says violence is rampant, the economy is fragile and morality is in a "downward tailspin. But he isn't panicking. He feels other Christians have no reason to "freak out" either. As America prepares for a presidential election Lucado says as the children of God you can stay peaceful because no matter who inhabits the White House, God still sits on His throne.

Pope Benedict the 16th's butler is being tried on an aggravated theft charge after allegedly leaking hundreds of secret papers. According to a Vatican spokesperson, the butler took papers from the Pope's personal apartment and gave them to an Italian journalist who published some of the documents in a best-selling book about the Vatican. A prosecutor in the case says the butler did this in an attempt to combat corruption in the church.

Sex trafficking is a problem in many parts of the world. Often young girls are coerced into a life of prostitution. Now authorities in New York are educating the "Johns" that prostitutes are often the victim. C-N-N's Richard Roth has more.


When we don't protect our eyes from the sun it accelerates the aging process and can lead to eye disease. Holly Firfer has more in today's Health Minute.

And on a sad note, Pro-lifers across the United States and Canada are mourning the loss of Nellie Gray, the woman behind the largest annual pro-life demonstrations in the countries – the March for Life. The March for Life team is still waiting on reports to confirm the exact day and time of Gray's death but it appears she passed sometime over the weekend. She was 88. And her death appears to be of natural causes.