Daniel Bryan WWE Comeback Uncertain? It's Been 'Frustrating for Me'

It has been a total of three months since Daniel Bryan was out from WWE because of the injuries he had sustained earlier in the year. Many fans, and Bryan himself, are keen on his return to the ring but it is still uncertain as to when he will make his comeback.

Wikimedia Commons/Image

Bryan sustained neck and shoulder injuries that required surgeries and those surgeries have left the WWE superstar in recovery mode for the past three months. His recovery is being complemented by undergoing physical therapy, acupuncture, as well as Active Release Techniques.

Bryan appeared during the San Diego Comic Con a few weeks ago and was interviewed by Eric Goldman of IGN. The superstar was asked how his therapy and recovery were going as well as when he was expected back at the ring.

"Right, yeah. I don't know how things are going. For example, I was supposed to have a second surgery scheduled for Tuesday, but they postponed it to do some more testing – and this has been the frustrating part for me. The nervous system is very complex," Bryan said in the interview.

Bryan's doctors have not decided yet on whether he really needs the surgery or doesn't. The superstar has further said the surgery would need three months of recovery extending his time out of the ring to a potential six months.

On the other hand, he is excited about his wife's, Diva Brie Bella, match against fellow Diva Stephanie McMahon in RAW for SummerSlam.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so proud of her. Her and Stephanie – the main event to RAW, two weeks in a row! That hasn't happened with Divas in years. Now she's in what's, in my mind, the second-biggest match in SummerSlam, and Divas just don't get that opportunity very often," Bryan also said in the IGN interview.