David Crowder Band's Final Album Has an Accompanying YouTube 'Rockumentary'

The David Crowder Band released their final album on Jan. 10, "Give Us Rest," and to help in promotion for their CD, they created their ninth installment video of the band's "Rockumentary" series to kind of poke fun at themselves.

The episode, titled, "What, The Band's Over?" premiered on YouTube on Jan. 8, and has been seen around 60,000 times already.

The series runs more like a scripted comedy with hints of reality mixed. The subject at hand for this particular episode was the disbanding of DCB.

All the members are trying their hands at different jobs until they realize that in fact they are no longer a band.

"What, The Band's Over?" is filled with silly laughs and a cliffhanger, prompting at least one more episode.

The final album, "Give Us Rest" features 34 songs encompassing the many styles the group has played through the years, including: worship, pop, rock, blue grass, and blues.

The goal of the album is to illustrate how life can come out of death.

"Let Me Feel You Shine" is the first single off the album and was most played on AC Radio, according to a press release by the band.

"I don't think I have written as personal of a song as this one ('Let Me Feel You Shine'). For me, all of the experience of closing this chapter, of looking ahead and trusting, is in this song," said Crowder in a statement.

He added, "I know all of us are in these moments where life twists and turns, and you don't see what's coming, but you feel God's leading and you have to jump out and take the risk and see what it means to be a person of faith."

This past "The 7 Tour" was announced to be their final tour in June.

"The problem, or the beauty, is that we've never been able to see past album 6," the band wrote on their website. The tour was cleverly titled "The 7 Tour" because numbers have always been with them, hidden but present. The group said "the number 7 has often been used to represent completion, and that feels exactly where we are as a band."

The band had 33 shows scheduled on the final tour before they wrapped it up in November.

"The 7 Tour" traveled through many major cities, such as Dallas, New York City, Portland, Seattle, and Philadelphia, and it will feature artists John Mark McMillan and Chris August.

The David Crowder Band has worked with Project 7 and ONE organizations to raise money for building water wells in Africa.

ONE, founded by Bono, the lead singer of the band U2, helps fans to use their voices for fighting against poverty and preventable disease. The organization has helped save 61 million children in and out of school.

Project 7 requires users to take everyday products and create a positive change by giving back to the needy.

The band released their first Christmas album, "Oh For Joy" on Oct. 4.