DC, Warner Bros. To Release A Harley Quinn Animated Series

Facebook/SuicideSquadPromo image for "Suicide Squad's" digital and Blu-ray release.

It was recently confirmed that DC and Warner Bros. are once again collaborating to release an animated series that will focus on Harley Quinn.

The first season of the upcoming project will have 26 episodes that each run for half an hour. Reports also revealed that the animated series -- to be written more for adult viewers -- will be distributed through the planned direct-to-consumer streaming services that would carry the DC brand.

Harley Quinn has been part of the DC Comics franchise for quite a time and had been initially known for using her powers to please The Joker, as she had her own, twisted way of showing her unconditional love for the classic DC villain.

However, the animated series will reportedly focus on the part of Harley Quinn's story that is loosely based on her adventures after she established independence from the Joker. The upcoming show will feature other familiar DC characters, especially Poison Ivy who stands beside Harley Quinn as they wreak havoc all over Gotham.

The popularity of Harley Quinn's character skyrocketed in the mainstream after the release of "Suicide Squad" in 2016, thanks to the excellent portrayal of actress Margot Robbie. Since then, Warner Bros. and DC have used the new-found fame of the character to their advantage.

As a result, the studios immediately announced the making of a standalone film for Harley Quinn where Robbie will be reprising her titular role. The upcoming Robbie-starring film will also introduce Poison Ivy into the DC movie universe.

With fans greatly associating the character to Robbie, Deadline reported that Warner Bros. and DC are hoping to sign the actress to voice the character's animated counterpart.

The executive producers of "Powerless," Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker and Dean Lorey, will reportedly regroup to take on the same line of work for the Harley Quinn-headlined show.

The upcoming Harley Quinn-led animated series is the third confirmed project from Warner Bros. and DC to be released in the upcoming streaming service platform, following "Titans" and "Young Justice."

Apart from the self-titled movie and animated series, the Harley Quinn character will also be featured in an upcoming animated film dubbed as "Batman & Harley Quinn."