'Defiance' Season 3 News, Spoilers: Grant Bowler Speaks About the Omec Race, What to Expect in 'Broken Bough'?

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This week's episode of Syfy's hit TV drama series "Defiance" will tackle on the issue with Amanda and her negotiations with the Omec. Meanwhile, Gen. Rahm Tak's army is now getting ready for an all-out attack.

The upcoming episode titled "Broken Bough" will see Amanda negotiating with the new alien race, the Omec, according to Zap2It.

TV Guide also dropped in some spoilers for the segment indicating the Tarrs' reappearance. Aside from seeing the apparent changes in the titular place, their loyalty between the humans, Votanis, and the Omec, will be tested.

Nolan and Irisa, on the other hand, will come across a victim of the Votanis Collective who will lend them some intel about Gen. Tak's army.

Meanwhile, cast member Grant Bowler (Nolan) dished some details about the new alien race, the Omec.

"The Omec are far more powerful than any other Votan race. They predate all the other Votan races. They were also once the masters of every Votan race. When they get to Earth, they are extremely unpopular with everybody — except the humans who don't have any bloody idea who they are," he said.

Bowler went on to speak about the changes that fans should expect in the brand new season.

"The show has gotten a little simpler. It's gotten back to a very strong 'us versus them,' back to a very strong external threat and back to everybody having to choose sides, but in a very immediate, visceral way. None of our problems are domestic anymore. They all have far-ranging, immediate and life-threatening consequences," the actor explained.

"Defiance" Season 3 Episode 3 airs this Friday, June 19, at 8 p.m. on SyFy.