Deion Sanders in Tears During Custody Battle With Pilar

Deion "Prime Time" Sanders, NFL Hall-of-Famer, reportedly shed some tears while testifying against his estranged wife Pilar Sanders at his custody trial Tuesday.

The trial will determine where their three children will live along with restrictions about where they can move. The former NFL player-turned-TV analyst said he should determine the living situation of the pair's sons and daughter ranging in ages from 9 through 13.

"(Pilar) is still searching. She doesn't know what she wants to be," Sanders said of his estranged wife to "When someone tries to destroy everything you are and everything you stand for, that's kind of hard. It's hard to communicate when you know the fabric of that person."

During Sanders' tearful testimony, he spoke about Pilar having issues with his daughter from another previous marriage while highlighting times when the actress and model did not get along with his family. The former Dallas Cowboy presented a video of a Hall of Fame event for jurors where he showcased issues with the former Mrs. Sanders.

"I always tried to overlook it," he said.

The former cornerback filed for divorce from Pilar in 2011, and the world caught wind of a very public dispute that took place between the two last year.

Last April, a domestic altercation took place at the former couple's $5.7 million home where each alleged that they were attacked by the other. However, a judge ruled that the Hall-of-Famer was only defending himself against Pilar's assault.

Texas District Judge Ray Wheless gave the former NFL player temporary custody of the couple's children pending a custody hearing while mandating that his former wife remain 500 yards from the home where he resides in Dallas, Texas.

Now, the pair are involved in hearings in the 366th District Court regarding the matter of their children's residence and child support. While the former Dallas Cowboys star's testimony took over the majority of Tuesday's proceedings, the court will reconvene on Wednesday.