Demi Lovato Celebrates Birthday Today

Demi Lovato's birthday has arrived on Monday this year and the singer is celebrating her milestone 20th year.

The "X-Factor" judge was born on August 20, 1992 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In addition to singing, Lovato is also a songwriter, actress, activist, dancer, and comedienne. She is best known for her starring role in Disney's "Camp Rock" movies as well as her debut album "Don't Forget," released in 2008.

In 2009, Lovato released "Here We Go Again," which also topped the charts.

The singer's success was not without difficulties though. In 2010, Lovato left a tour with the Jonas Brothers to enter a treatment center for unspecified physical and emotional problems. She later revealed her personal struggles including her bipolar diagnosis.

Last year, her single "Skyscraper" from her album "Unbroken" as well as the Timbaland/Missy Elliot-produced "All Night Long" earned her top spots on Billboard charts.

Her recent role on "The X-Factor" has furthered her fame and created legion of fans. Moreover, Lovato remains very outspoken and open with her drug use, eating disorder, and experience with God, making her a celebrity many can relate to.

On Twitter earlier this year, Lovato posted a series of messages about her relationship with God to her 5.4 million followers on the social media site.

"Sometimes it seems like God just keeps throwing crap my way and I get SO angry with him… But there's never a doubt in my mind He's gonna pull me through it all," the singer posted.

She added, "I know you're there God. But umm… Really dude?"

In the months ahead of the posts, the former Disney actress admitted to "self-medicating" by experimenting with drugs and alcohol and even cutting. Today, the star strides to improve her mental and physical health, and is surely celebrating her birthday and her success surrounded by friends and family.

Many of the singer's fans have taken to Twitter with messages for Lovato on her birthday.

"Happy birthday Demi Lovato," posted Neve. "I love you so much."

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEMI LOVATO," wrote Ari. "I'm so proud of this beautiful young woman. I love you Demi."

Many of the well-wishers expressed their loyalty to the singer and even quoted her as well as her songs.

"At the moment listening to Fix A Heart by Demi Lovato," wrote Nien. "Happy birthday Demi."