Designer Creates a Spider-Like Concept for Rumored Wearable iOS Device

Federico Ciccarese has created concept for a wearable iOS device that Apple is rumored to be creating that is spider-like in design.

Based on the concept video you can see that Ciccarese has assumed the device will fit on a user's hand. The metal that grips the hand curves down, and when standing alone it resembles a spider's body with metal legs.

The wearable device appears to be a new version of the iPod Touch that is 3G compatible. It basically looks like a rectangular iPod being carrier by spider legs.

This concept model could be used by people for exercising as the metal grips will not allow it to slip off easily. It would not make for a good phone unless it was used with Bluetooth or a regular headset.

And even though Ciccarese's design concept is innovative and unique, it does not seem like something Apple would be releasing.

The concept for this curved glass iOS device comes from a December report in The New York Times that said Apple had been "conceptualizing and even prototyping some wearable devices."

One of the concepts described in this report is a curved-glass iPod that wraps around the wrist. Ciccarese does a great job in showing what this kind of device could actually look like.

He normally puts together some great mock-ups for the iPhone. Back in February, Ciccarese released a unique concept for the next-generation Apple smartphone.

This version resembled a magic mouse that someone would use on a PC or Mac. The back of the device is curved and sticks out while the front is completely flat.

It will be interesting to see what the new iPhone will look like as well as this rumored wearable Apple device.