Divisive Differences

Every organization requires rules in support of order, discipline, and efficiency-and the church is no different. We, too, have rules that aid in the organization and operation of the church. (There is always some measure of institutionalization required in the church.) In addition, we have established other rules that aid in the understanding and practice of the faith such as creeds, confessions, statements of faith, doctrinal statements, and so on. These are helpful guides to what we believe. What they don't say is what we don't believe. These conclusions we may draw by implication.

For example, your local church, tradition, or denomination may subscribe to adult baptism or "believer's baptism" and this belief may be included in your doctrinal statements. Then you encounter another Christian who subscribes to infant baptism (paedobaptism) and you may assume by implication that their belief is wrong (because it differs from your institutional convictions) and thereby conclude it must be a false interpretation of biblical faith.

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