DMX Hospitalized in Four Wheeler Accident, to Delay Album?

DMX was hospitalized Saturday morning following a four-wheeler crash that left the rapper with a concussion.

DMX stated that he had been riding a four-wheeler outside of his South Carolina home when a down hill turn caused him to flip over according to TMZ. The rapper stated that he was lucky because he had landed on his bottom, and little injury was involved.

"The rapper says he doesn't remember much, other than the lights from the ambulance, and he doesn't know when he will be released," TMZ reported.

The hospital visit is the second this year for the rapper, who was hospitalized earlier on after suffering from a case of food poisoning. He was hospitalized in January after consuming some "bad shrimp" TMZ reported.

Later this year DMX plans on releasing "Undisputed," his first album in six years. In 2009 MTV reported that the rapper had taken a break from the industry in order to study the bible. The rapper had allegedly claimed that he intended to pursue preaching in New Jersey and was able to complete a gospel album before he was incarcerated after pleaing guilty to aggravated assault.

He was arrested twice in 2010 for reckless driving and drinking against his probation regulations while at a concert. Again last year, he was arrested for speeding.

"Undisputed" was originally projected to be released on June 26 however the album was later delayed although it has been highly talked up by the rapper's publicist as his entry back into the hip hop world.

"X is very excited to release this project," DMX's publicist, Domenick Nati, told in May. "This album has a lot of hits on it, and his fans will see that it's been worth the wait. Undisputed will prove to the world that DMX is back!"