DMX on Fire: Drug Free, New Management, and BET Performance

Since DMX was released from prison in July, things have turned around for the rapper. He has a new daughter, a new manager, a kicked cocaine habit, and even performed at the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

"Everyone was taking advantage of me with my finances, trying to put me in the direction to fail. I have 10 kids. I have to drive them in the right direction, so I let the cocaine go," he told TMZ.

The rapper has formed a relationship with God over the years, and says, "I am on a spiritual road to do right in my life. I am leaving out all negativity and going to stay on the right road to positive."

This positive attitude and newfound faith have propelled the rapper to seek change after spending the last eight years in and out of jail.

"When [DMX] first came to my church he looked broken, sad, and full of struggle. Now you see a dramatic change. You see that the drugs and alcohol aren’t in his life," DMX's pastor told TMZ about the rapper’s transformation.

Earlier in the week DMX received much praise for his performance at the BET Awards show. He performed some of his classic hits in a medley with producer Swizz Beatz including, "Ruff Ryders Anthem," "Get At Me Dog," and "Party Up."

In a report released yesterday, the rapper said he was under new management and to not contact his old managers who were still trying to make money off of him.

He said to, "I fired my old management team the day I got out of prison. My money and career have been sabotaged for long enough. Makin’ music and performing for my fans, that’s what I’m doin’ now. The Dog is back and I’ve cut these thieves out of my life.”

DMX's new manager is Jason Fowler of J-Mike Management & Entertainment, based in Mesa, Ariz.

According to the press release Fowler said he would pursue legal action against anyone claiming to accept deposits on behalf of the rapper.

DMX's newborn daughter is named Aaliyah in memory of the pop singer who died in a plane crash about 10 years ago.