Dog Steals Food From Store on 3 Legs: Meet Oscar (VIDEO)

A three-legged dog was caught on camera stealing food from a store. In the meantime, he has also stolen the hearts of many across the internet.

Oscar is a rescue pet who is apparently used to fending for himself. Unfortunately, his ways of survival are not always legal. His most recent stunt was caught on camera in New Zealand as the dog attempted to flee scene.

The shop owner from whom Oscar was stealing has referred to Oscar as an "opportunity" shoplifter. She says that its not the first time that something like a sausage has gone missing from the store, prompting her to believe that Oscar is a repeat offender.

Oscar escaped where he was being taken care of by family members. He was placed in a city facility because there was not enough fencing to keep him in place, according to John Youngson, a City Council member for Invercargill, who spoke with the Associated Press after video of the incident surfaced.

Luckily for Oscar, the owner of the shop has no plans on pressing charges against the shoplifter.

"You couldn't be angry with him," she said.

Instead, her daughter has made a Facebook page for the dog and both mother and daughter hope to help find Oscar a home.

"She has about 300 fans," the shop owner said of her daughter's Facebook page, which draws in Oscar fans, "saying that they'd love to give him a home. So I'm sure there's somebody out there."

It was not revealed how Oscar became a three-legged dog, but his condition doesn't appear to keep him back from escape attempts and shoplifting excursions.