Donate to Diabetes Get Wendy's Frostys Free, Besides Health Costs

Wendy's customers who donate to a health cause can now receive four free Frosties in return, albeit while putting their own health at risk.

It's summer, the weather has gotten hot, it's practically a sauna in some places, so who wouldn't want a tasty frozen treat to cool off? And Wendy's is making the deal even sweeter: do a good deed and you shall receive.

Even those who are more health conscious can admit to liking a treat here and there, and Wendy's has made treating yourself practically guilt free because you don't even have to invest in a sweet treat; you can donate to a good cause instead and so happen to get four treats back for free.

Wendy's is now running a new campaign, which offers those who donate $1 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation four small Frosties in return. Hoorah, some of you chocolate enthusiasts might say. But not so fast: isn't that a little bit of a contradiction, some ask?

While the donation will go towards Juvenile Diabetes, which is not caused by poor eating habits, the Frosty reward could easily lead to type two diabetes, which is correlated with poor health choices. One small Frosty has 42 grams of sugar. The average recommended calorie intake is around 2,200. Based on that number of calories, the amount of refined sugar you are allowed is 44 grams per day.

That means one small Frosty is all your sweet tooth can afford, so if you've already had a morning muffin or sugared up your coffee and find yourself at Wendy's in the afternoon, it is probably best to make that $1 donation out of the kindness of your heart.

To make matters worse, one small Frosty also has 300 calories. If you make that a meal with a single burger and fries, you're looking at 1,300 plus calories. That's more than half your day but "do what tastes right."