'Duck Dynasty' Son Calls Phil Robertson '21st Century Prophet,' Compares Him to John the Baptist in Speech (VIDEO)

(Photo: The Christian Post/Sonny Hong)Alan Robertson speaks at the Family Research Council's "Watchmen on the Wall 2014" event in Washington, D.C. May 22, 2014.

Alan Robertson, son of "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson, gave a moving speech honoring his father and comparing him to John the Baptist at the Watchmen on the Wall conference earlier this month. Alan also called his father a "21st century prophet" who was speaking the truth and honoring the Lord.

"My dad, Phil Robertson, has the heart and the mindset of a prophet … long hair, long beard, naturally camouflaged. He ate off the land and he pointed people to Christ," Alan said. "He was a voice of one, calling in the wilderness, 'Prepare the way for the Lord.' He (John the Baptist), also lost his head for speaking the truth in a culture that really wasn't prepared to hear truth."

Alan's speech comes just after a video of Phil delivering a somewhat controversial Easter sermon surfaced. In it, Phil defends his decision to critique homosexuality and quoted Scripture stating that fornicators and adulterers, in addition to other groups of people, will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

"You know what," Alan continued, "that doesn't change dad's view at all. Prophets tend to not care about their public image. They tend to talk about judgment as if it's real and they speak what God gives them to speak and that's what my dad does … so he is in that sense a 21st century prophet."

The new season of "Duck Dynasty" begins on June 11 after a great deal of questioning about whether it would ever be back on TV after Phil gave an interview to GQ magazine. His comments about homosexuality and bestiality set off a firestorm, and A&E decided to suspend him from the series, leading other members of the "Duck Dynasty" clan to refuse to participate in the show without him.

After a few weeks, though, A&E decided that the series was too valuable to part with and brought Phil and the family back on board. Now their fans will get to see more of the Christian, Louisiana-based family they have come to love.

Watch Alan's speech here: