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'Duck Dynasty' Star Sadie Robertson Celebrates First Anniversary of a 'Godly Relationship' With Boyfriend

'Duck Dynasty' Star Sadie Robertson Celebrates First Anniversary of a 'Godly Relationship' With Boyfriend

Sadie Robertson and boyfriend Blake Coward. | Instagram/Sadie Robertson/Photo

"Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson is celebrating her first anniversary with boyfriend Blake Coward this week, recognizing their "Godly relationship."

The pair, who are both Christians, have been together one year as of Jan. 11. In light of the milestone, Robertson shared a tribute to the high school quarterback.

"1 year with you has been absolutely amazing. I have learned so much about myself, how to have a Godly relationship, and so much about the incredible man of God you are," the 17-year-old A&E reality star shared on Instagram, along with a photo collage featuring the couple.

"You continue to encourage me & make me better every single day," Robertson added. "Thank you for an amazing year & an amazing relationship. Can't imagine life without you. Thanks for being my person. Thanks for making me laugh. Thanks for loving me in the good & the bad times. Thanks for just being my one. 1.11.15"

Coward, who plays football at Madison Academy, met Robertson through classmates who happened to be Robertson's cousins, and the pair likely bonded over their shared faith. In a recent interview, Robertson described Coward as "a great guy who really has a heart searching for God."

"He's not perfect but he strives to be, and that's all I can ask for," the teen added, according to the Boston Herald. "He's really good at being kind."

The former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant also discussed abstinence in her relationship with Coward.

"Here's the deal: people are like, 'It must be easy for you because you're Christian,'" Robertson explained. "That doesn't make it any easier for me. And it's something a couple really has to decide together."

As for the future, the Live Original book author admitted her famous family's tendency to marry young.

"That's how everybody in my family does it," she said. "I've always thought that I would marry young, but it just depends on if I have the right guy with me."


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