E.W. Jackson Faces Uphill Battle Because He is a Black, Conservative, Christian

Virginia Republicans made an historical choice by selecting E.W. Jackson as their candidate to run for Lieutenant Governor this fall. For those not familiar with politics in the Old Dominion, this is something critics would say is most unusual. But then, as the saying goes, "no one ever erected a statue to critics."

Jackson's critics seem to overlook the fact that he is a former Marine and graduate of Harvard Law School; his credentials are overshadowed by his race-he's black.

But these same critics were enamored when Doug Wilder was elected in 1989 as Virginia's first African American governor and the first African-American governor of any state since reconstruction. Wilder himself said it was the time when "hell froze over." But, when such a man is nominated by Republicans the move is viewed with cynicism and his credentials are questioned.

As if the color of his skin were not enough to raise the hackles of the mainstream media, he is a fiery preacher who knows the Bible and presents it in no uncertain terms. It didn't take long for his critics to complain that this preacher actually believes the Bible is the Word of God. For the secular press and the progressives of both parties, this is the unforgivable sin.

Somehow, Jackson emerged from a broad field and multiple ballots to win the nomination. Some of the "moderates" cannot understand how such a thing could happen… particularly as they were smarting from current Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli being the lone man standing for the top position on the ticket. For those of us who know God is in control, it is not a mystery. Attorney General Cuccinelli has been a thorn in the side of the Obama regime on a multitude of issues and, like Jackson, is the real deal who understands that our rights come from our Creator, not our government.

Both men are excellent choices for their respective offices, as is their running mate for Attorney General, Mark Obenshain. They have to deal with a media hostile to their values, and, since the election takes place in an off year, the other side can concentrate far more resources on this contest, than normally are assigned to state races.

Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle they face may come from within their own party. The Republican Party of Virginia has a history of pulling the rug out from under Godly, conservative candidates.

Larry Miller writes for www.politicalchristian.org and is the former chairman of the Chesterfield County Republican Committee in Virginia.