Evangelical Groups to Walk 300 Miles for Creation

Several evangelical groups are sponsoring an 18-day pilgrimage across several states on the East Coast to raise awareness about environmental concerns.

Starting on Saturday in West Virginia, dozens of participants will walk through that state, then Virginia and finally arrive at Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., later this month. The more than 300-mile creation care walk will take place ahead of the National Day of Prayer for Creation Care on May 25.

The Rev. Mitch Hescox, president and CEO of the Evangelical Environmental Network, said he is participating in the walk because of a five-year-old girl from Tanzania. The girl has to walk 12 miles each day for water because of the devastation caused by deforestation, climate change and other environmental degradation that has destroyed the local watershed.

"I can walk and tell people how our poor creation care literally kills people around the world," said Hescox on Friday. "So this walk is about me standing up for what God has called me to do, to ask the world to become better stewards of God's creation. "

During the journey, participants will pray for creation and for people who have been affected by changes in the earth's climate. They will witness the devastation of mountaintop removal sites and pass through national forests, farms and suburbs. Each night the group will stop at a local church to speak about the biblical imperative on caring for creation.

"The Creation Care Walk is a walk for life, a walk discerned from God to draw attention to the millions of God's children who are impacted each day by our lack of care for God's creation," wrote Hescox in his blog. "I take very seriously the call for the least of these."

Ministries involved in the walk include the Evangelical Environmental Network, Christians for the Mountains, and Renewal: Students Caring for Creation, among others.

The walk will culminate with the National Day of Prayer for Creation Care, which is scheduled to take place on the U.S. Capitol lawn. An evening Creation Care Concert will be headlined by Dove-award-winning artist Mark Shultz.

On the Web: http://prayerforcreationcare.org