Exorcist Suspects Victim of Worst Case of Modern-Era Demonic Possession Already Dead

An exorcism ritual performed in 2012. |

A respected psychiatrist with decades of experience in exorcism suspects that the most terrifying demonic possession victim he has encountered in modern times may have already died.

Without revealing the real identity of the said demonic possession victim and only referring to her as Julia, Dr. Richard Gallagher, a registered psychiatrist who teaches at Columbia University and New York Medical College, declared that the woman was the worst possessed victim he has ever encountered.

According to the respected exorcist, while most reports of possession turn out not to be real cases of possession, the 39-year-old Julia was a convincing case of demonic possession as she even referred to herself as "the high priestess of a satanic cult" and dressed in a dark flowing dress and wore black eyeshadow.

Julia's life was allegedly filled with paranormal activities, recalling that her cats even went wild in the middle of the night after seeing her for the first time. In another instance, her voice even entered a phone conversation between Gallagher and a priest even if she was thousands of miles away.

For Gallagher, Julia's case has been the worst he has encountered in the modern era, which, thankfully, the victim has given him the permission to write about. Gallagher recalled that, during an actual exorcism ritual, Julia even warned the priests to back off and exhibited horrific abilities, such as speaking in Latin and Spanish despite only knowing the English Language.

"Julia also exhibited enormous strength. Despite the religious sisters and three others holding her down with all their might, they struggled to restrain her. Remarkably, for about 30 minutes, she actually levitated about half a foot in the air," Gallagher told the National Catholic Register.

Gallagher also went to reveal that, despite undergoing eight exorcism sessions, Julia remained possessed. After a year of break, she had expressed her desire to continue with the exorcism rituals and revealed that she was dying of cancer. While Gallagher said that he would discuss her case with the team, nothing was heard from Julia again, prompting them to believe that she may already be dead.

"We think she died," Gallagher said.

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