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'Fear The Walking Dead' Live Streaming (AMC TV): Watch Online 'The Good Man' finale episode tonight

'Fear The Walking Dead' Live Streaming (AMC TV): Watch Online 'The Good Man' finale episode tonight

The final episode for the first season of AMC's hit TV series "Fear The Walking Dead" is already here and according to spoiler reports, the culmination of "The Walking Dead's" companion series is expected to go out with a bang tonight.

The cast of Fear the Walking Dead (AMC) | AMC

For those who don't have access to cable, they can watch "The Good Man" livestream online only through the official AMC website link here. Currently, there are no other sites offering livestream access to the season finale.

Despite the slow burn of the previous five episodes, the show nonetheless was able to successfully unveil to the audience what life was like during the early stages of the zombie outbreak. Aside from the impending issue of the undead, it's really the extent of what the people could do that largely contributed to the intensity of the show.

One of the chilling moments that took place in the series is when a soldier of the National Guard confesses to the character of Ruben Blades about a stadium filled to the brim with humans who are already assumed to be turned.

For those who missed the penultimate episode titled "Cobalt," Daniel went out to verify the soldier's words and indeed, those words turned out to be true.

Furthermore, the forceful interrogation revealed the real deal behind the so-called Operation Cobalt. As said, the military has a plan to eradicate, as humanely as possible, the remaining survivors inside the zone where Madison and Travis lived. After which, it's everyone for themselves. But Daniel probably won't go down without a fight.

Several speculations pointed out that the barber might free the whole stadium of Walkers before the National Guard can make their move.

In an interview with Yahoo TV, the confessed comic-book addict teased the collapse of society that the people of LA had once known and lived with.

"There's no army anymore. There's no moral, there's no book, there's nothing. This is 'save yourself.' This is chaos," he said (via Yahoo). Apparently, the only thing that mattered to him now, as well as with the other major characters, is his daughter and wife.

Catch the season finale of "Fear the Walking Dead" on AMC tonight, October 4 at 9/8c.


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