'Final Fantasy 15' News: Nothing in the Works for the Switch But Devs 'Open to Looking for Opportunities'

Director Hajime Tabata says the Switch is a 'great platform'
Facebook courtesy of Final Fantasy XVStill unclear if 'Final Fantasy 15' will eventually be released for the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has shown itself to be an appealing platform to both players and developers alike, and because of that, there are questions frequently popping up regarding which new games may soon be released for it.

A little while back, it was "Final Fantasy 15" that became the subject of rampant Switch speculation, thanks in large part to what sounded a lot like a pretty obvious tease from director Hajime Tabata.

In the immediate aftermath of that tease from Tabata, many fans were quickly excited by the idea of Noctis and his companions going on another journey to a different platform.

At one point, it even seemed like the role-playing game coming to the Switch was a fait accompli, but as it turns out, this is far from being a done deal.

Tabata cleared things up during a recent interview with Kotaku's Jason Schreier, shedding more light on what he actually meant with his original tease and where things currently are in terms of getting "Final Fantasy 15" to the Switch.

According to Tabata, the tease was "just kind of a joke response," though that does not necessarily mean that he and the developers were not taking this matter seriously.

Tabata revealed that they are "open to looking for opportunities" involving the Switch, and if one does eventually pop up, they would then like to take advantage of that.

One opportunity that could present itself in the future may involve the previously announced "Pocket Edition" of "Final Fantasy 15."

Upon being asked by IGN if there was a chance that the "Pocket Edition" may be released for the Switch, Tabata shared: "There is certainly a chance. It's certainly not zero."

It is also entirely possible that the RPG may just bypass the Switch altogether.

At this point, Nintendo Switch owners are just going to have to take the "wait and see" approach, and hopefully for them, the situation involving their preferred platform and "Final Fantasy 15" will be cleared up sooner rather than later.