Floyd Mayweather Jr. Next Fight vs. Amir Khan Set for 2015?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is prepped to fight against Marcos Maidana in September, but his trainer and uncle Roger Mayweather wants him to fight against former WBA light welterweight champion, Amir Khan sometime in 2015.

Wikimedia Commons/Image

The older Mayweather says that he is hoping that the fight will happen in next year and thinks that it will be a good fight. Floyd Mayweather still has not said anything about the fight against Khan but he had appeared to be open with the idea of facing him in the future before his previous fight in May.

On the Mayweather Promotions website, the fighter asked fans to pick between Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana as his next opponent. Maidana had an early lead on the polls at the time, prompting Khan to encourage his Twitter followers to vote for him in the polls. Khan won the poll but he lost to other polls and Mayweather opted to go for Maidana as his next opponent.

Khan had fought against Luis Collazo earlier this year and instead of doing the usual exchange of blows and display of footwork, Khan opted to hold against his opponent by yanking down on Collazo's head, preventing him from launching any of his shots.

Afterwards, Mayweather did not say anything about what he thought about the fight. Khan's performance during the Collazo fight might have discouraged Mayweather to fight him, since the latter may have figured that it would be difficult to get shots off if he is going to be constantly held down in the ring. In hindsight, Khan might have squandered his chances at Mayweather due to his performance.

Mayweather is set to have a rematch against Marcos Maidana on Sept. 13 to be showcased on Showtime as a pay-per-view fight.