Ga. Mom Creates 'God Is Alive in Newton' Facebook Page; School Takes Down 'God Is dead' Artwork

Two Georgia parents created a "God is Alive in Newton" Facebook page last week in response to an artwork poster displayed at their daughter's high school, which was based on the play "The Crucible," with the words "God is dead" and "Satan is Alive."

Crystal and Scottie Mitchell's daughter attends Alcovy High School in Newton County, Ga., and initially Crystal raised concerns over the poster because her daughter felt "uncomfortable" and because according to her, displaying it created a double standard since religion is not permissible in public schools. Crystal told The Christian Post her page, which has nearly 1,800 likes, was created to raise awareness of the situation even though she has received negative responses for her stance.  

"We thought this would be a place where others could voice their concern and together we could all let our voices be heard," said Crystal. "Most of the negative feedback was based on the fact that it was literature. There were also people who were concerned that we were imposing our beliefs on the school, which isn't our purpose."

Last week, Sherri Davis-Viniard, a spokesperson for the Newton County School System, told Covington News, a Tennessee-based news outlet, that the artwork was legally allowed to be displayed regardless of Crystal and other parent's complaints.

"The artwork is in no way an attack on religion," she said. "The artwork is hanging among other student artwork in a display that reflects the entire play, 'The Crucible.""

However, just yesterday, Crystal posted a screenshot of a text message her daughter sent her saying the school had taken down the artwork. According to a report from Covington News, Newton county commissioner, John Douglass, announced a decision was made earlier this week to take it down to halt national media attention on the school district and because the play was no longer being studied.

"I am satisfied with the decision that has been made and appreciate the board and school's decision to comply with our initial request to simply remove the "art,"" said Crystal. "We simply felt it wasn't fair to exploit 'God is Dead' and 'Satan is Alive' regardless of its reference; it's way too easy to be misconstrued to students who have never read the book 'The Crucible.""

Since posting the school's decision on her page, Crystal continues to receive backlash from people around the world but has found support in those who share her similar view.

"A guy from Poland sent me a not so good morning. You would think that country has seen enough hate. But who knows," wrote Crystal.

"The battles go beyond 'people,' you are dealing with principalities and rulers in dark places," wrote a Facebook user. "As long as Satan knows he is getting to you, he will keep the attack going, even long after the victory!"

Now that the artwork is no longer displayed, the Mitchells are relieved students will no longer be exposed to its message.  

"Malice was never ever our intention. It was to let our girls know that it's ok to stand up for something you believe in especially if it pertains to their love for God even if it feels half the world is against you. When He's with you, you never stand alone," said Mitchell.