Galaxy Nexus Ad to Feature George Clooney?

Samsung and Google could be taking a cue from Apple's new ads that feature celebrities since the company is reportedly creating its own commercial that features Hollywood megastar George Clooney.

The actor was spotted filming a commercial for an Android smartphone in Malibu on Wednesday.

Clooney was holding a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and playing with his dog while shooting.

There has not been any official confirmation from Samsung or Google what exactly the ad will be for, but it is said to definitely be for an Android product.

It may not be for a Galaxy Nexus because the Samsung branding was blacked out on the phone. The Nexus could also be Clooney's personal phone, which would be another reason for them to censor the logo.

Apple has enjoyed much success with its new iPhone 4S commercials that feature actress Zooey Deschanel and actor and "Avengers" star Samuel L. Jackson.

According to advertising tracking firm Ace Metrix, the two ads have scored extremely well with consumers, performing better than any other iPhone 4S ad released this year.

However, despite the celebrity ads scoring 653 and 645 with the firm, Samsung still reigns supreme with its ad for the Galaxy Note titled "The Best Of A Phone and Tablet"- it came in first place with an Ace Score of 686.

Apple's celebrity ads also scored lower that the iPhone 4S Camera Ad the company released back in late October that had a viewer score of 659.

And even with Samsung's success, with the scores given to them by Ace Metrix, a celebrity ad featuring the most popular man in Hollywood could not hurt the company.

This Clooney shoot could have also been for the new Samsung Galaxy S3 that was revealed in London two weeks ago.