Galaxy Note 3 Christmas Holiday Ad Features Device Bringing New Life to a Town

Samsung released a new ad for the Galaxy Note 3 this week that features the device in a Christmas-themed setting.

Instead of talking about how powerful or great the device is, Samsung chooses to focus its "Holiday Reflections" gimmick that sees the Note 3 bringing life and existence to certain situations in this small snowy town.

The theme basically shows reflections coming off the handset which has been laid flat on the ground.  People appear in these reflections performing various holiday activities such as chopping down Christmas trees, caroling, ice skating, decorating, having snowball fights and kissing under the mistletoe. It ends with a holiday greeting. See it here.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 3 in the fall of this year and the phablet has become one of its fastest selling handsets to date. The company will also be releasing a gamepad in select countries for the Note 3 which was announced last week.

The accessory known formally as "The Game Pad" is an exclusive Samsung product. It will connect to the Note 3 via Bluetooth 4.0 and One-Touch NFC. It features a traditional game pad layout for those who dislike touchscreen controls.

It consists of dual analog D-Pads together with 4 action buttons. There are also a few buttons at the top and the bottom features an On/Off Switch and select and start keys. The Game Pad charges with a USB port. Samsung has not unveiled any information on battery life and overall potential.

The device will be available on Dec. 19 in the U.K. and costs $130.

Samsung is also rumored to be launching another version of the Galaxy Note 3 with the Lite edition. It is expected to be introduced at this years' Mobile World Congress and will feature slightly lower specs than the original.