Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear Release Dates Confirmed for Sept. 4 by Samsung Exec

The Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smart watch release date was confirmed for Sept. 4 by a Samsung executive this week.

The news was confirmed by the Vice President of Samsung Mobile, according to a report in the Korea Times. It did not touch on the president addressing any of the specifications for either upcoming device.

The Galaxy Gear will be the first smartwatch to be launched by the company and will function more as a test release, according to the report. It will not come with a flexible screen and will be aimed at the younger market looking to set new trends by sporting the high tech time-teller.

Screenshots of the Galaxy Gear Manager app hit the web earlier today.

They were released by @evleaks, who is a fairly reliable source for information on new products.

The picture displays the option of connecting the new watch using NFC (near-field-communications) to another device. The model number also can be seen as it appears in the top of one of the shots as SM-V700.

The device will be able to connect to smartphones by running the Gear Manager app using NFC and Bluetooth with the option to set it for Manual connection. The other screenshot lists settings and apps for the smartwatch, which allow users to customize how their device runs.

These options include Clocks, My Apps, Samsung Apps, Find My Watch, Settings and Help. Samsung has not confirmed whether these screenshots are legitimate, however, they appear to be taken from a device made by the company.

The Galaxy Note 3 will also debut at that event and should be available for purchase starting towards the end of September.