Gaza Peace Photo Goes Viral as Ceasefire is Reached (Picture)

A photograph taken to highlight the need for peace in the conflict between Gaza and Israel has gone viral after a ceasefire between the nations was recently reached.

On Tuesday, two men who were holding signs in midtown Manhattan showed that people of different faiths and backgrounds can put their differences aside and come together in the name of peace as the men made an impassioned plea for peace in the Middle East.

One man's sign read, "I'm Jewish and I'm from Israel." The other man can be seen holding a cardboard sign as well, but his read, "I'm Muslim and I'm from Palestine." Together, they held a sign in the middle that read, "Why can't we all just get along?"

In what might seem as a turning point in the regional conflict, a ceasefire was reached between Hamas and the Israeli government late Thursday night putting an end to the bloodshed, for now.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he will "take whatever action is necessary" following days of fierce exchange between Israel and Palestine.

The Palestinian Authority has called on the U.N. Security Council to ensure that Israel stops its air raids on Gaza. However, the United States has continued to criticize Hamas for targeting civilians with hundreds of rockets launched into Israel over recent days.

In a statement, the White House acknowledged Egypt's "central role in preserving regional security," and said that President Barack Obama condemned Hamas' rocket fire from Gaza into Israel, and supported Israel's right to self-defense.

The fighting came to an end after a meeting between Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who said Egypt and the U.S. would help support the peace process going forward. The eight days of fighting left more than 160 Palestinians and five Israelis dead.

"Ultimately, every step must move us toward a comprehensive peace for people of the region," Clinton said in a statement.