'Grey's Anatomy' Season 11 Spoilers: Ellis Grey Returns, New Babies

Kate Burton is set to return to "Grey's Anatomy" for the show's upcoming season 11 premiere. Burton will reprise her role in flashbacks as Meredith Grey's late mother Ellis. Her last appearance on the show was on the episode "If/Then" a few seasons ago.

The cast of Gre's Anatomy

Show runner Rhonda Rimes has said in previous interviews that this season was going to be "all about Meredith," and bringing back Ellis is more evidence of that. It also seems like the timing couldn't be more perfect, as Meredith will be dealing with a lot of things during the premiere. She will be coping with the fact that her close friend, Cristina, is not in her day to day life anymore, and her relationship with Derek right now is strained because of different career ambitions.

There are speculations that Meredith will need her mother more than ever, and Ellis could be appearing to her in dream sequences where the two of them can talk.

In other news, Sarah Drew, who plays the role of April in the show, will not have to fake being pregnant at all on the new season. It was revealed near the end of season 10 that April and Jackson were expecting their first child together, and the actress herself revealed to People Magazine that she and husband Peter Lanfer are expecting another addition to their family.

"Peter and I are delighted to announce our pregnancy. We can't wait to introduce Micah to his little brother or sister," said Drew.

April and Jackson are not the only couple in "Grey's Anatomy" who are expecting a baby. Callie and Arizona have been considering welcoming another child via surrogate, but they will have to address other problems along the way.

The new season of "Grey's Anatomy" premieres on Sept. 25 on ABC.