Grizzly Bear Put to Death After DNA Evidence Links It to Killings

A grizzly bear linked to the deaths of two hikers by DNA evidence has been killed at Yellowstone National Park to protect park visitors and staff.

DNA evidence from the 2010 deaths of Brian Matayoshi on July 7 and John Wallace in August linked the female bear to the attacks.

The sow bear originally remained free after Matayoshi’s death because park officials at the time said the bear simply had a natural reaction to defend its cubs.

However, investigators have also concluded that the same sow bear was at the attack of Wallace a month later.

DNA evidence was then used to point the finger at the grizzly bear, leading to it being captured and killed.

The sow bear’s two cubs were also captured and sent to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone.

Around 600 grizzly bears live in the greater Yellowstone area. 295 conflicts between humans and bears were recorded last year, according to a research report.

Bears have been known to kill livestock and damage property to get at food when they are hungry.