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'GTA 6' Game Set for Possible 2020 Launch?

'GTA 6' Game Set for Possible 2020 Launch?

"Grand Theft Auto 5" promotional image | Facebook/RockstarGames

Rockstar Games has not revealed anything definite about the much-awaited "Grand Theft Auto 6" ("GTA 6") and this fact has sparked various speculations from the rumor mill. Rockstar Games, the mind behind the wildly popular GTA franchise, has officially confirmed a release date for "Red Dead Redemption 2" ("RDR 2") recently, which would occupy the game developers for a while.

With "Red Dead Redemption 2" going on sale sometime in fall 2017, it's likely that the "Grand Theft Auto" series will be staying in the oven for just a while longer. How much longer? Some rumors point to a possible three years more before "GTA 6" is announced.

"Grand Theft Auto 5," while already three years old by this time, is still receiving regular updates from Rockstar. The company is making multiplayer content drops through "GTA Online," which will hopefully tide "GTA" fans over until 2020.

The reasoning behind the 2020 date simply looks at the "Red Dead Redemption 2" time frame. Rockstar needed three years to follow up its GTA Online with its new western-themed title. It's reasonable to expect, then, that the next "Grand Theft Auto" installment could follow "RDR 2" in about three years as well — and that would be right around 2020.

So far there has not been anything definite about the possible setting for "Grand Theft Auto 6." Online speculations merely agree that wherever it is, it would be massive. It could break out of the already huge "Grand Theft Auto 5" city map and go all the way to a country-sized scale. A few rumors suggest that "GTA 6" could be ambitious enough to take on the entire United States as a setting, with some kind of fast travel mechanics to make it all work.

A few sources have taken a quote from Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser to hint at a potential non-U.S. setting, and instead, somewhere in Great Britain — like London.

More speculations have suggested that "GTA 6" would involve virtual reality (VR). If true, this would be a big turning point for a franchise that's always been a mix of first- and third-person gameplay.

For now, Rockstar has been keeping a lid on all the details about the next "GTA." They have not committed to keeping everything secret, though, so in one of the many events lined up this year, fans may yet hear something official about their favorite action-adventure game.


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