Edward Leano

Christian Post Contributor


  • Trump, Trudeau Requested Israel to Pull Out White Helmets From Syria, Netanyahu Says

    With some 800 Syrian "White Helmets" safely evacuated to Jordan with Israel's help, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement that the action was "an important humanitarian step" that the country undertook after some urging from Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau, among others.

  • 'God Must Have Something For Me,' Duck Boat Accident Survivor Recalls Tragedy

    The survivors of a duck boat accident in Missouri are now trying their best to pick up the pieces after 17 people died on a tourist boat that sank due to a heavy storm last Thursday, July 19. One of them, Tia Coleman, recalled the traumatic moment as she struggled to stay afloat in the cold lake that day.

  • Trump Claims His 2016 Campaign Was Spied on Illegally

    Now that the FBI has released documents that it claims would link a former adviser's ties to Russia, Trump has gone on the offensive against the agency once more. Trump took to Twitter on Sunday claiming that his 2016 presidential campaign was "illegally" spied upon, for the benefit of Hillary Clinton.

  • Armed Standoff at Los Angeles Trader Joe's Ends With 1 Dead, Suspect Arrested

    An armed standoff in a Trader Joe's in Los Angeles, complicated by a tense hostage situation, eventually ended with authorities taking a suspect into custody. Los Angeles police immediately took the suspect as he turned himself in, but not before killing one victim and holding others hostage for a few hours.

  • Trump Fires Back After Iran's Rouhani Warns US of 'Mother of All Wars'

    Following Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's warning for the U.S. that "war with Iran is the mother of all wars," President Donald Trump took to Twitter to fire back a warning of his own. To emphasize his point, Trump has written his post in all caps in a vehement statement calling out the Iranian leader for his "demented words of violence."

  • The Moon Is Turning Blood Red This Friday in Longest Lunar Eclipse This Century

    The moon is about to turn a rather lurid blood red by the end of the week, as parts of the world are about to experience what will be the longest lunar eclipse in a hundred years. The rare astronomical event will take place Friday, July 27, and will last a lengthy three hours and 55 minutes.

  • Floyd Mayweather Goes Off on 50 Cent, Reignites Ugly Feud

    Floyd Mayweather and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson are at it again, as the sometime-friends have raised an online feud that is currently turning uglier with every post. The first shots were fired on Saturday morning, July 21, and it has quickly devolved into personal barbs on each other's private lives.

  • 3-Year-Old Dies After Being Left in Day Care Bus for Several Hours

    A 3-year-old boy was found to have died inside a daycare bus in Houston, Texas, and police say he was likely left behind following a school field trip to a nearby park earlier that day. The boy was found unresponsive inside a sweltering 113-degree bus, as temperatures that day soared to a blistering 97 degrees.

  • Europe Is Looking for Name Suggestions for the Next Mars Rover

    Europe has the red planet on its sights in two years, as the European Space Agency is about to launch their own Mars rover in 2020. The agency is now casting for naming suggestions for their six-wheeled robot explorer, and submission of entries is now open to the public on Airbus' website.

  • Woman Gives Birth Inside Chick-Fil-A; Franchise Will Let Baby Eat for Free for Life

    A couple who begged to use the bathroom of a closed Chick-fil-A was let in by a staff just in time for the woman to give birth to a healthy baby girl. To celebrate the extra special delivery, the franchise has guaranteed free food for life and a job offer in the future for the newborn infant.