Edward Leano

Christian Post Contributor


  • NFL Anthem Policy Put on Hold Pending Talks With Players Union

    The National Football League has announced on Thursday that they, along with the NFL Players Association, will be holding off on fully enforcing the new national anthem policy. The postponement comes in the wake of differing team policies and protests from some of the league's top stars.

  • Spiky Armored Dinosaur Discovered in Utah Lived on a Lost Continent

    An almost complete fossil of an armored dinosaur, discovered in southern Utah in 2008, has just gone on display in the Salt Lake City. Interestingly, this species, estimated to have roamed the planet some 76 million years ago, lived on what is now known as the lost continent of Laramidia.

  • New Zealand Company's Four-Day Week Is a Shocking and 'Unmitigated Success'

    A company in New Zealand has run a trial of a four day work week for hundreds of its employees, and the results are in. Despite just four days out of seven in the workplace, a much higher part of their workers have reported better time management and increased productivity.

  • Former NASA Engineer Builds the Largest Water Pistol Ever

    Former NASA engineer Mark Rober is not one to be content with just the run of the mill squirt guns available on the market. With some time and hardware, he went out and built what is now certified by the Guinness World Records as the largest water pistol ever, and its performance is no slouch, either.

  • Israel Approves Controversial Bill Defining Country as Jewish Nation State

    Israel's parliament has just passed the controversial "nation state" law that determines the country's identity as a Jewish state on Wednesday, July 18. It was a passage that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called a "defining moment" for the nation, even as opposition lawmakers criticized the bill.

  • Maxine Waters Warns Supporters of Potential 'Armed Protests' Against Her

    Rep. Maxine Waters warned her supporters that she anticipates possible "armed protests" against her, and urged followers not to get drawn into counter protests. Waters issued the warning on Wednesday, July 18, following a call for demonstrations against her from an extremist group.

  • Massive Black Egyptian Sarcophagus Opened to Reveal Three Mummies

    Egyptian archaeologists have pried open the massive granite sarcophagus unearthed earlier this month in Alexandria, Egypt, despite unfounded fears of a possible curse lurking inside the 2,000-year-old relic. Inside, a research team found the remains of three mummies, apparently making up a small family buried together.

  • Trump Plans to Invite Putin to Washington, White House Says

    President Donald Trump has requested for preparations to begin to have Russian leader Vladimir Putin be invited to the U.S. for a meeting this fall, according to the White House. The news was announced by White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Thursday, July 19.

  • Google Hit With Massive 4.3 Billion Euro Penalty Over Android

    Google has just been slapped with a record-breaking 4.3 billion euro fine, as the Silicon Valley giant stands accused of illegally using its dominant position with Android to push its online search services to mobile devices. The fine comes to around almost 5 billion US dollars, a penalty that Google parent company Alphabet plans to appeal.

  • Kawhi Leonard Traded to Toronto Raptors as San Antonio Spurs Get DeMar DeRozan, Others

    Kawhi Leonard, the seemingly disgruntled San Antonio Spurs superstar, has finally been transferred out of the team. Instead of Los Angeles like he would have preferred, though, It would be the Toronto Raptors that would be taking him in exchange for star guard DeMar DeRozan, plus other options.