Edward Leano

Christian Post Contributor


  • 'The Dark Knight' Returns to Theaters to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

    "The Dark Knight" is coming back for a limited run, as one of the most critically acclaimed superhero films ever comes back to celebrate its 10th year anniversary. The second part of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy will be showing for one week in four theaters on Friday, Aug. 24, and will be screened in IMAX 70mm.

  • Russia Agrees to 'Help With North Korea,' Trump Says

    President Donald Trump, after a rather controversial summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, has now said that Russia will be helping the U.S. with its relationship with North Korea.

  • Senator Calls for Testimony From U.S. Interpreter Present During Trump–Putin Meeting

    Following Trump's controversial remarks during a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, lawmakers from both sides have begun to wonder what went on during their private, two-hour meeting. Senator Jeanne Shaheen says she wanted to bring in the interpreter present during the face-to-face session to testify.

  • Dennis Rodman Wants Kanye West to Join Him in Trip to North Korea

    NBA champion Dennis Rodman would like Kanye West to join him on an upcoming trip to North Korea, according to reports. Rodman also added that West will have a chance to see "what's going on" in the country, perhaps as material for his next album.

  • College Student Employee Walks Nearly 20 Miles to Work, Is Gifted a Car for His Dedication

    A college student in Alabama, having found his car unusable just before leaving for his first day of work, did not choose to call the day off. Instead, he walked almost 20 miles just to make it in time — a display of dedication that earned him a new car as a reward from the company CEO.

  • Mom Shares Food Packaging Warning After Her Teen Daughter Dies From Chips Ahoy Cookie

    A Florida mon is now taking it upon herself to warn others about food labels, following the death of her 15-year-old daughter. Alexi Stafford, who was allergic to peanuts, accidentally ate a cookie containing peanut butter at a friend's house after mistaking them for the usual chocolate chip variety.

  • 'Batwoman' TV Series Coming Soon to The CW

    The CW is looking to go deeper into the world of Batman, this time by including a brand new series for "Batwoman" into their line of DC Comics shows. Before her solo outing on the small screen, Batwoman will have a preview appearance in the network's DC series crossover event as well.

  • 'Rugrats' Returning With New Nickelodeon Series and Live-Action Movie

    The adorable babies and toddlers of "Rugrats" are coming back to Nickelodeon, as the network and Paramount Pictures announced a set of new deals that include, among others, around two seasons' worth of episodes and a live action movie.

  • Southeast Ohio Republican Party Leader Quits Over Trump–Putin Comments

    A party chairman for a Southeast Ohio Republican Party has announced his resignation on Monday, July 16, shortly after Trump's controversial comments in Helsinki. Former Belmont County GOP chairman Chris Gagin cited "policy differences" as a reason for stepping down, as he posted on social media.

  • Mandalay Bay Hotel Owner Sues 1,000 Las Vegas Shooting Victims

    MGM Resorts International, the owner of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas wherein a gunman rained down deadly fire on a crowd below last year, is suing more than 1,000 of the victims of the incident.