Valve Employee Discusses the Missing 'Half Life 3' Game, and Why It Will Likely Never Be Released

Recent Game Informer article sheds some light on what may have ultimately happened to 'Half Life 3'
Valve SoftwareThe chances that 'Half Life 3' will still be released seem to be shrinking further

This week has probably been one of the most significant ones yet that fans have seen in years when it comes to "Half Life 3," and unfortunately for them, the new revelations coming out are detailing exactly why the sequel isn't here and why it may never be made available.

The buzz around the game began to pick up again this week, thanks to Game Informer.

Earlier in the week, an excerpt of "The Game Informer Show" posted over on YouTube featured executive editor Andrew Reiner revealing some surprising things about prototypes of the sequel that developers had reportedly worked on in some capacity.

As interesting as those revelations were, they still failed to answer some of the big questions fans had about "Half Life 3" such as whether it will ever be released or even just what happened to it.

The good news for fans is that there now appears to be more information available regarding the fate of the sequel, but the bad news here is that they may not like what was recently revealed.

Not long after that podcast excerpt was released, Reiner then came out with a lengthy article that included an interview with a Valve employee who opted to remain anonymous.

Right away, Reiner asked about the chances that a sequel would still be released, and this is where the Valve employee cleared things up by indicating that "there is no such thing as Half Life 3," though the individual did also admit that there may be an "unfulfilled promise" since three episodes of "Half Life 2" were announced and yet only two ended up being released.

The Valve employee then talked about the development process and how stops and starts happened all the time and how interest in creating the game waned after other Valve properties started getting more attention.

Reiner eventually asked the Valve employee if the developers were still going to finish "Half Life 2," at least by delivering that missing episode. The individual responded by indicating that "the idea of delivering a third episode of Half Life 2, that's dead."

In reality, what the interview piece seems to do is to confirm something fans may have known long ago but still refused to accept entirely and that is the idea that "Half Life 3" may simply never be released.