Hospice Murder-Suicide: Elderly Man Shoots Wife Dead Before Killing Himself (VIDEO)

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(Photo: CBS News Screen Shot)A murder suicide has taken place at Lehigh Valley Hospital on Tuesday March 18, 2013.

A hospice murder-suicide has stunned emergency workers and locals at Allentown, Pa on Tuesday.

According to reports, an elderly man shot and killed his wife before committing suicide in the hospice area of the Lehigh Valley Hospital campus located at 17th and Chew Streets in Allentown.

The tragic incident took place at about 1 p.m. local time.

Investigators have said that 82 year old Mildred Osman was shot dead in her hospital bed by her husband, Elwood Osman. After taking her life, he turned the gun on himself.

Mildred had been admitted to the hospice on March 7, 2013.

According to CBS News, Senior Vice President of Operations at Lehigh Valley Health Network, Jim Geiger has said: "It's a love story. The elderly gentleman could not bear to see his wife suffering, and the family, I believe, have observed that he could not envision living without her."

The elderly couple were the only people in the hospice room at the time, and officials have stated that although the gunshots shocked others at the hospital, no one else was in danger through the incident.

Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin has said, "Contrary to some rumors, this was not an active shooter situation. No other patients were in jeopardy."

Here is a video news report into the incident: