'Housewives' Lisa Vanderpump to Quit Over Brandi Glanville, Kyle Richards Alliance?

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(PHOTO) Courtesy: BravoTV.com'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' season 4 cast: Kim Richards, Kyle Richards, Joyce Giraud, Yolanda Foster, Brandi Glanville, Carlton Gebbia and Lisa Vanderpump

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Vanderpump reportedly wants to leave the hit Bravo reality TV show amid claims that her season four cast mates recently turned against her.

The British restaurateur, 53, is believed to have fallen out with her former best friend Brandi Glanville, 40, in recent months over petty drama. Their fellow co-stars Yolanda Foster, Joyce Giraud, Kyle and Kim Richards reportedly sided with Glanville and Vanderpump is said to furious that her costars are ganging up on her.

"[Brandi and Lisa's] friendship has hit the rocks. Brandi was sick of being Lisa's puppet to do her dirty work. The entire cast, including Yolanda Foster, Joyce Giraud, Kyle and Kim Richards have all turned on Lisa, and none of them are talking to her," a source told RadarOnline.com.

"Lisa wants nothing to do with the ladies anymore because it has just become so toxic recently. She wants off the Beverly Hills housewives franchise show because Lisa has her own spin-off show on Bravo, 'Vanderpump Rule,'" the source explained.

In recent weeks Glanville and Kyle, who are former rivals, have been flaunting their new found friendship on social networking sites and critics believe this may be an attempt to infuriate Vanderpump, who was once close to both women. Kyle, 44, previously explained her unexpected alliance with Glanville at The Abbey's 8th Annual Christmas in September charity event.

"The Lisa/Brandi fight isn't just something between the two of them," Kyle said.

"It involves everyone in the cast…there is so much more to it," she continued. "But let's just say I've grown closer to Brandi. It's no secret that Lisa and I have had our issues in the past."

Vanderpump, who is a veteran 'Housewife,' is reportedly contractually obligated to film season five for the show however a source claims her close friendship with Bravo executive, Andy Cohen, could work in her favor.

"...Everyone knows she has Bravo executive, Andy Cohen wrapped around her finger. If she is miserable enough, Lisa will make a huge stink and demand she be taken off of the show, and she will get her way. She always does," the source said.