HTC One Wear Release Date: Price Will Look to Match New Moto 360


Wearable tech is all the rage these days as competitors try to get a bite of the pie. Samsung have their Galaxy Gear while LG have their G Watch. Motorola is now about to enter the fray with a cool looking round-face Moto 360 but HTC won't be sitting still on this market either, and will be hoping to attract smartwatch customers to its latest device, the HTC One Wear.

HTC will be releasing their own smartwatch, which is to be called the HTC One Wear.

The watch is supposed to have the same round-face design as the Moto 360, setting it apart from the square face design that the Galaxy Gear and G Watch has. In all respects, the One Wear might be the Moto 360's rival in the Android smart watch market.

The company has been very secretive about its smartwatch release. SlashGear however has been able to take snapshots of the watch (partially).

One of the snapshots looks like the metallic band that would be attached to the watch itself. It seems that HTC will be applying the same polycarbonate-metallic treatment the One M8 has.

The other image seems to be of the apps being made available for the One Wear. The apps are curiously in a square format but it is likely that this is only a screenshot of a smartphone screen since the watch is announced to come out with a round-face design.

The One Wear is speculated to come out sometime in late August or early September 2014. As for the price, HTC is looking to match the Moto 360's $350 price tag.