Hyperkin Retron 1 HD News: NES Classic Edition Replacement Now Available for $40

HyperkinA promotional image for the Hyperkin Retron 1 HD gaming console for NES.

Many retro gamers were disappointed when Nintendo decided to discontinue the NES Classic Edition. Thankfully, those who weren't able to get their hands on the highly sought-after retro-inspired system will still be able to relive the past via the Retron 1 HD gaming console.

Hyperkin's Retron consoles have been on the market for quite some time now, with the last one, Retron 5, released in 2014. However, the popularity of the NES Classic Edition during the past holiday season may have inspired the company to release a brand-new version of the series.

The Retron 1 HD delivers the same 8-bit gaming experience that was popular in the '80s but will surely be enjoyed more as it comes with 720p resolution and high-definition audio. Players can also choose between a 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio

Unlike the NES Classic Edition, which came with 30 built-in games, the Retron 1 HD is compatible with all NES cartridges. Players can make both NTSC and PAL cartridges work just by flipping a switch.

For only $39.99, customers will get the console, a premium classic-style Cadet controller, a 3-ft. HD cable, a 6-ft. micro USB charge cable with USB AC Adapter and AV ports with an AV cable. The gaming system can be purchased in two colors: black or gray.

If players already have a large library of NES cartridges, then the Retron 1 HD is a good steal. It is actually more affordable than the now-discontinued NES Classic Edition, which initially retailed for $59.99.

The Retron 1 HD gaming console for NES is now available to pre-order on Hyperkin's official website or on Amazon. It will be released on Thursday, May 25.

Meanwhile, for those who still want the kind of retro gaming offered by the NES Classic Edition, the gaming console can still be purchased from Amazon sellers. The only caveat is that customers will be paying a premium for it as it is currently being sold for $200 and up on the e-commerce website.