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Image of Jesus Appears on Hard Rock Hotel Window?

Image of Jesus Appears on Hard Rock Hotel Window?

An apparent image of Jesus may have manifested on the window of a Californian hotel known ironically for having many celebrity guests.

Chuck Rickman, a 911 dispatcher, took a photo of the alleged apparition on a window at the Hard Rock Hotel of San Diego on his cellphone this past weekend. The image can be found here.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Rickman explained that he was "walking downtown when out of the corner, it popped out at me."

"It looks like someone had taken a shower and steamed up the window, but I talked with a young man nearby and he said he had seen it for several weeks," said Rickman.

Jesse Winkler, lead pastor of Westview Church in San Diego, told The Christian Post that he felt that in general "God can do whatever he wants whenever he wants by whatever means he wants and there is nothing that can hinder him."

"The scriptures make it clear that we live in the age of redemption whereby God is revealing the Son (Jesus) to people on the earth. He does this in both word and deed," said Winkler.

"That means he reveals Jesus through preaching and teaching the gospel as well as works which includes the miraculous, supernatural workings of God."

Regarding the alleged miraculous image at the Hard Rock Hotel, Winkler told CP that all such claims of images are tough given that no one is sure what the historical Jesus looked like. "When it comes to an image of Jesus it's tough because nobody has or knows of a true image of Jesus today. But that doesn't mean that God can't put an image of what people think Jesus looked like wherever he wants and use it in people's lives however he wants," said Winkler.

"So I believe in a limitless God that can and will use whatever means he wants to glorify Jesus and draw all people to him….Is that what he was doing in the window of Hard Rock Hotel? I don't know. I'd ask Chuck Rickman what it meant to him."

The Hard Rock Hotel of San Diego, California did not return comment to The Christian Post by press time. However, talking to David Moye of the Huffington Post, Hard Rock General Manager Matt Greene expressed excitement at the idea of the image possibly being divinely created.

"Celebrities stay here all the time, but if it is Jesus, he'd be the biggest one to stay here," said Greene.


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