Intel to Unveil Cable TV-Like Service at CES 2013

Intel is expected to unveil its new cable TV-like service at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The company will launch a virtual cable TV service and set top box to compete with some of the other popular streaming and broadcasting services that are currently available in the market.

In order to combat licensing issues, Intel will roll out its new service on a city-by-city basis instead of doing a nationwide launch. It will give the company more time to negotiate for control of smaller markets, with content providers who have been reluctant to hand over valuable licensing rights.

An Intel insider recently spoke to TechCrunch regarding the new service. The source told the publication that Intel is taking the introduction of this service very seriously. Intel is also responding to being rejected by many television manufacturers who refused to use Intel's chips.

Intel also complained about other companies' half-hearted attempts at pulling off Google TV, and they feel that they will do a better job with the platform.

The company's initial plan is to create a set top box and subscription TV service that will appeal to people who want TV streaming access but don't won't to entirely cut the cable cord and lose their sports.

Earlier reports from The Wall Street Journal regarding Intel TV states that the company is having trouble securing content deals with content providers unwilling to offer television channels because of previous agreements with other companies. The city-by-city strategy is being implemented to combat this issue.

Intel's cable TV service and set top box could launch as early as Jan. 7 at the company's CES event. Apple's new TV could also be making its debut around that time.