Internet Meme: Tebowing Floods the Country

Tim Tebow was the inspiration behind a new Internet meme that is looking to be the next biggest pose since planking: Tebowing.

Tebowing is defined as a verb that involves getting down on one knee and starting to pray even if everyone else around is doing something completely different. The pose is described on the official website:

The website features an array of pictures of people on one knee, otherwise now known as “The Tebow” stance.

The stance began when the Denver Bronco’s quarterback played for the University of Florida. Instead of celebrating or mourning in the very same way as his peers on the field, the quarterback would drop to one knee.

After defeating the Miami Dolphins in his first NFL start last Sunday, Tebow was seen dropping to one knee to praise God while the rest of his teammates ran around him in excitement. The Christian, who often publicly proclaims his faith, has apparently created a movement with his stance.

Fans of Tebow reacted to the meme on Twitter.

ESPNMag tweeted: "Is this the new planking?”

Peter Burns Radio said planking was not worth the memory: "Forget Planking. The new craze? Tebowing."

Another Twitter user dedicated time to the new craze: “If you need me, I'll be Tebowing.”

Before the Tebowing phenomenon, Tebow’s teammate Mike Pouncey spoke about the quarterback’s success surrounded by his faith.

“It really blows my mind,” said Pouncey, according to The New York Times. “You talk about a guy that’s in the church, doesn’t do drugs, doesn’t drink alcohol, lives right, won the Heisman, won the national championship in college.”

Terrell Owens recently commented about his admiration for Tebow’s faith.

“I admire Tim's faith in God," said Owens to NFL networks. "You can't deny that he's a blessed individual.”