Interview: Pat Smith on Stepping Out of Ex-NFL Superstar Emmitt Smith's Shadow and Into God's Light

Pat Smith, the wife of retired NFL Running Back and "Dancing with the Stars" Champion Emmitt Smith, became weary of being overshadowed by her husband's fame. Instead of being stuck in a lost sense of purpose, she created an environment for herself and other women to regain their confidence, get passionate about their dreams and live out the life that God created for them.

Smith founded the non-profit organization "Treasure You" that empowers women by providing grants to support women who may have faced setbacks. Through the Christian Girlfriend Retreats that the organization offers, women are able to share the issues that are particular to their place in life, and receive inspiration in a safe environment that is free from judgment.

These women are intelligent, bright, they have the fortitude and they have the capacity do great things, but for whatever reason, they've had a setback, Smith tells The Christian Post. "Treasure You is in place to provide support," she says.

The idea to empower women came from a dark time in Smith's life. Like many women she became lost behind supporting her husband in his endeavors, expanding her family and trying to figure out her purpose in life as well as regain her self identity.

Before moving to Dallas, Smith was in pursuit of a hosting and acting career. An expanding family and the unfortunate distance between Los Angeles and Dallas hindered her from attending auditions and seeing progress with the career she desired.

"Emmitt did Dancing with the Stars and won the third season. As wonderful as it was, and as excited as I was for my hubby to win, I really felt empty, confused and frustrated," she reveals to CP. "The season of the show brought out that frustration. We were expanding our family, and I started drowning, specifically behind Emmitt and all the great things that he was doing and who he was, which was amazing. But I lost me."

"I started losing myself, and so while I was back in LA, supporting him for Dancing with the Stars, it was a reminder of what I thought I was supposed to be doing. I started getting frustrated, and then God spoke to my heart and let me know that I needed to help other women like me."

It was at this point that Smith knew that she had to react to what was placed in her heart. The first "Treasure You" retreat took place in 2008. The planning of the event was not free from problems or headaches. "The enemy was all over it," Smith recalled. There were cancellations of key speakers at the time of the guests' arrival along with the unexpected death of her husband's brother.

"Both my husband and my spiritual mentor, Cathy, encouraged me to stay the course. Emmitt said that was my assignment and I had to it. There was a success. It was a chance for women to step into God's light and receive healed hearts, renewed hope and a fresh sense of their worth and purpose."

Now confident in her purpose, Smith is embarking on a new journey as co-host of "D: The Broadcast" in Dallas. This is a dream manifested in which Smith is able to provide the inspirational point of view at the roundtable discussion of women.

Smith shared with CP that each woman on the show will bring a different generation's perspective with unique experiences. They will discuss current events, hot topics in their city and each woman will have an opportunity to bring forward her own branded messages.

"The show provides Treasure You with a new platform to reach even more women. Each week, I will host a Treasure You Give-Away segment where we ask women to write in with their needs. Every Friday, the segment will air and we will bring the lady we choose onto the show to interview her and provide her with something special. It could be a smile, maybe a washer and dryer, or even a car," says Smith, who is clearly elated.

"How blessed am I that a secular TV station, management team and producers are supporting my faith-based views and allowing them to be broadcast every day!"

When asked what she would say to a woman stuck in the rut of life, Smith offered this advice: "I would encourage women to get out of their own way. God may very well reward you with your own desires, but it is only when He sees that you are ready to take on the tasks He has in store for you."

Smith has reconciled within herself that the only goals she has now is to follow God's will and the plans that He has for her. She wants her love for God to shine through her life. "I want to share my own journey and demonstrate to women that they can get past whatever is holding them back – maybe I can provide a woman with a little hope. I would love for women to see God in me and wonder how they could also have what I have."

If you live in the Dallas area, check your local listings for the premiere of "D: The Broadcast" on Feb.18.