iOS 7 Error Message: Release Sparks Complaints as iPhone, iPad Users Suffer Download Problems

The iOS 7 release has led to thousands of Apple users to flood online forums and social media sites with complaints that they were receiving error messages as they attempted to download the new software.

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Picture: AppleiOS 7 Logo

Much has been built up about Apple's new operating system, the iOS 7, however, many Apple fans were ultimately left frustrated and disappointed on Wednesday when they ran into an error message telling them that their installation had failed.

Some have touted that the iOS 7 error message is simply a problem with too many people attempting to download the new version of Apple's operating system at the same time.

Apple users have been eagerly awaiting the release for their iPhones and iPads, and so many have attempted to download the software at the same time that it caused problems with Apple's servers, according to some sources.

The general advice has been that Apple users encountering the problem should simply wait it out and try again later when less users are attempting to download the software.

Here are some of the messages left on social media sites from frustrated users who have encountered the iOS 7 error message:

WAJ @iAm_kiNg23rdz posted: "If you got the IOS 7 with no error, your blessed cause millions of ppl as I just read is seeing a error message including me."

Annelies De Grande @xAnyana wrote, "#iOS7 won't download!!!! He gives me an error :( :(."

Ashley Lauren Cox @SmashleyLauren8 commented, "This stupid #iOS7 software won't load on my phone & I'm soo ill about it. I deleted so much stuff & it keeps saying error. System overload??"

achka @grandeIush wrote, "i tried to see if ios7 was there and it said "an error occured while checking for a software update" why why why!"

hanban @hannah_cosbie posted a message saying, "literally had to delete my whole iphone for it to tell me there's an error downloading ios7, r u joking."

Meanwhile, Sameer Shekhar @IMSameerShekhar wrote, "I knew this was gonna happen. Millions around the world trying to update to #ios7, which is causing "error occurred downloading update"."

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